Advanced Skin Care

skin care

European Facial

A deep pore cleaning facial with steam, extractions, exfoliation, massage and mask. $75.

Glycolic Facial

A deep pore cleansing treatment for photo damaged, or aging skin, sun spots, and mild acne. Best if done in consecutive treatments every 2-4 weeks. $85.

Aqua Facial

A hydration facial infusing serums into the skin. $150.

Teen Facial

A deep pore cleansing facial with steam, extractions, and calming products to help clear up congested skin. $70.


An exfoliation treatment that removes dead skin cells while stimulating the skin, resulting in a smooth finish. $85-$110.

Microdermabrasion with Chemical Peel

Our Microdermabrasion paired with a selected acid peel. $130-$200.

Salicylic Acid

A great treatment for acne, dull or rough calloused skin. Its antibacterial properties will help clear up blemishes. For best results, this should be done in a series of 4 to 6 treatments every 2-4 weeks. $85-$100.

Makeup Application

Wedding Parties (Price Upon Consultation). $35-$50.

Newman Peel

A deep peel for dull and sun damaged skin. May peel for up to one week after treatment. $150.


A light exfoliation of facial hairs and dead skin cells. $45.
(Only $25 if added to any other skin care service)


LED (Light Emitting Diode) treatments improve the structure of the skin – also increasing its thickness and tone, reducing age spots and helping to heal broken capillaries as it increases local blood circulation. Results occur in one treatment, but most effective when done in a series of six in 1-2 week intervals. Price upon request.

Revitabrite Ultimate Teeth Whitening System

Using the LED in conjunction with a peroxide gel and a patented pressure pad that forms to the shape of your teeth, the whitening action is accelerated and intensified -most people achieve two shades lighter in one treatment. $99.

Acne LED Treatment

The Revitalight Acne System uses intense blue LED to create an oxygen environment on the skin, while penetrating the skin with intense pulsating blue light. This effective and relaxing session is painless. This will include deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and mask. $75.


A microneedling procedure to rejuvenate and improve skin texture. $250.